Artist Art Dorit Brauer

“Brauer has an excellent feeling for color. Her work is spontaneous and one has the impression that a whirlwind of feelings has been expressed.”   -Zomet Hasharon,   June 16, 1995

Dorit Brauer studied painting and fine arts at the Avni Art Institute in Tel Aviv – Jaffo, Israel, from 1989 – 1993.
Her paintings have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Israel, Germany and the US.


For me, to live fully means to create. I paint, write and constantly develop new content for the guided imagery courses I teach. I love being on the edge of the next step of inner evolution and my art reveals my inner worlds.

Dorit Brauer
Artist Dorit Brauer Art

Cosmic Resurgence

Current Works - 2020

The newest Cosmic Resurgence paintings reveal the journey within and aim to bring inner peace and tranquility to the viewer.

Artist Art Dorit Brauer

Unwinding Series

2018 - 2019

The works of the Unwinding Series represent the bridge between my passion for the healing arts and my creative visual artistic expression.


Early Works

1989 - 1997

My early works were created during the years in Tel Aviv, Israel.
A move to America brought a different perspective and years of creating sacred art for meditation spaces .

My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Words.

To understand my story is to understand my art.