What will you risk to truly know who you are?

Some of my favorite words just cannot be translated into other languages.

Aufbruchstimmung, which contains the essence of everything I love about life, translates on Google Translate to ‘optimism.’ Seriously, that doesn’t even come close to anything Aufbruchstimmung could possibly mean. Even in Hebrew it translates to אופטימיות. That is far, far away from its true meaning.

Aufbruchstimmung contains the deepest yearning of one’s soul to risk it all and to leave everything that one has ever known behind and start something totally new. It’s the sense of absolute excitement of what is still to come. A true awakening.

I have felt it several times in my life and every time, the great unknown enticed me, I listened to the call, and for sure those were the most rewarding steps I could ever have taken.

What will you do today to listen to your calling? What will you risk to truly know who you are?



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“By having another language, you have an alternative vision of the world. You can listen to music from only one speaker, or you can listen in stereo … It’s the same with language.” Please enjoy this article Speaking a second language may change how you see the world published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Being fluent in three languages and having lived in three different countries I totally agree.

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