Happiness: Motorcycle Riding & Meditation

Finally: My first motorcycle ride of 2015, took place on March 31st after 140 long days of winter. For me motorcycle riding and meditation are very closely connected. It’s an absolute requirement to be totally present in the moment.

I am happiest when I ride the super machine, the Suzuki Bandit 1250.

Cross Creek Lake near Avella, Pennsylvania.


March 31. 2015
First Ride after a long winter and I finally feel like myself again.


Today, April 11. 2015, I enjoyed my second ride after the long winter and went on my favorite country roads out to West Virginia visiting a labyrinth where I placed a memorial stone for my dad in 2005.


This itinerary allows for a nice ride along the Ohio River on Route 2. I spent my childhood and youth next to the River Rhine and therefore love rivers. Please enjoy this passage from Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes, Chapter 1:


… Moments later the tight, dark passageway released us onto the arched Fort Henry Bridge crossing the Ohio River. The river current reflected the bright morning light and my body instantly relaxed. Breathing space filled my chest. A carefree lightness uplifted me.


Developed from my many strolls along the River Rhine during my youth on the dairy farm in Germany, this mystifying reaction of my body to the sight of a river has proven itself useful during times of stress. I couldn’t count the number of motorcycle rides I have taken along the Ohio River throughout the past years. I have been able to create an equally positive response by simply imagining a river.


Love these country roads.


100 horsepower of pure bliss and a labyrinth. What else does a girl need!!!


Two items that I always carry in my tank bag: The question “What is the reason for the reality I experience?” and a journal.
If we live with the questions long enough, one day in the future we will find ourselves living the answers.



The Pleasant Valley Labyrinth near Weirton, West Virginia.
Memorial stone for my dad.
The Labyrinth at the Pleasant Valley United Methodist, near Weirton, West Virginia.
I truly enjoy the inscriptions on the bulletin boards of country churches.


The Ohio River in New Cumberland, West Virginia, runs high after the recent rain.


The Ohio River in New Cumberland, West Virginia, runs high after the recent rain.
The Ohio River in New Cumberland, West Virginia, runs high after the recent rain.



Raccoon Creek State Park, Pennsylvania.


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