The Lovers & The Orgasmic Experience of Being Alive

Living consciously means to embrace every day as a new adventure and to live life whole-heartedly with all its ups and downs and with everything it has to offer.

Living consciously invites renewal at all times, sorting out and letting go off the things that don’t serve you. Only then can you be free to invite new possibilities.

Flow, Change and Trust are the key words. It’s just like walking a labyrinth, where you may focus on the three R’s: Release, receive and reflect. Every day you consciously sort out, let go, embrace the new, and perceive yourself as an ever evolving human being and as a lover of life.

In Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth I describe my thoughts of being in love with life. Please enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 28:

…Hours later, I crossed the Colorado River into Arizona. Burned ochre dominated the bone dry land and the sculpted sandstone formations. Saguaro cactuses watched silently. I rode through purgatory heat and meditated to stay calm. A gentle trickle of love permeated me. I focused on happy moments and the trickle turned into a stream. I felt a sense of lust, longing and the excitement of being in love. The lust turned into a desire to be in love with my life. It was easy to accomplish while traveling and seeking new adventures everyday. Yes, I felt an orgasmic sense of ecstasy on this trip. ‘This was how being alive should feel like,’ I thought. I desired tasting the rich, luscious life to its fullest…

Tasting the rich, luscious life translates for me to travel and I always yearn for the next big adventure. As a meditation teacher I am thankful to live a life, which truly allows me to be relaxed and enjoy every moment. One of my favorite mantras is: Beauty, beauty, everywhere as far as my eyes can see! Reciting this intention always puts me into a place of joyful expectation of something beautiful to enter my life.

The other day, I was very surprised when I drove down Kelso Road in Mt. Lebanon and discovered a sculpture that I had never seen before; even so it’s been there the last couple of years and I have been down that road many times. Now I wonder what may have shifted within me, so that I was able to notice the sculpture. Just like these words of wisdom suggest: The true adventure on the journey of self-discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

It’s reminder that sometimes the most exciting discovery might just be around the corner.

The sculpture’s artist Guy Bellaver inspired my motorcycle ride today, including a visit to the Cameron Wellness Center Labyrinth, which I built in 2008, and a stop at the Washington & Jefferson College to admire the sculpture titled 1970 by Guy Bellaver.

Please enjoy the photographs:

The Lovers, a sculpture by Guy Bellaver. Located on the corner of Kelso Road and Bethany Drive in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
The Labyrinth at the Cameron Wellness Center in Washington, PA, the first hospital-affiliated labyrinth in Western Pennsylvania, which I created in 2008.
Great art and the 100 horsepower super machine: my definition of happiness.
Great art and the 100 horsepower super machine: my definition of happiness.
The sculpture by Guy Bellaver is mesmerizing from every angle.

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