Walking the Golden Path

How To Make Good Decisions

Please be inspired by this meditative thought. Every major decision I make in my life is thought through and meditated upon prior to taking the actual steps in the physical realm. I also describe this metaphysical decision-making process in my award-winning autobiography in chapter 25.

I hope the meditation inspires you to experience more inner peace, wholeness and joy in your life:

Walking the Golden Path

Have you ever made a decision you later regretted? Were you ever motivated by emotions such as anger, fear or revenge as you made an important choice in your life? Has an impulsive step you took lead to unforeseen events, resulting into negative repercussions for you?

Conscious living is based on making wise decisions and following the voice of your heart. As you walk the Golden Path, it becomes a priority to base your decisions only on love. You contemplate if your decision serves your highest good and the highest good of everyone involved. It is common sense not to make instant decisions out of the heat of the moment or motivated by negative emotions.

As you walk the Golden Path:

– You feel in the flow

– You are fulfilled

– Everything works out easily

– You are always at the right time at the right place

– You continuously experience synchronicity

– You are perfectly healthy

– You feel loved and you are filled with love

– All your relationships are based on love and respect

– You transcend polarity (the world of judgment) and live in unity

– Good things happen all the time

– You are living your bliss

As you walk the Golden Path, you align yourself with your purpose and your heart’s desires. Too often people base their decisions on their rational and logical thinking and completely dismiss what they really yearn for or dream about. Young people may make important career choices according to statistics, e.g. which profession will offer the best employment opportunities or highest salaries.

Joy of life, true happiness, real satisfaction and fulfillment are not always the most important factors considered. One may argue that someone following their heart’s desire may not succeed since they disregard the ‘facts of reality’. However, there’s a surprising truth. Once you dare to embark on the journey to follow your heart’s voice, you cannot fail. Doors open where you didn’t expect them to be, opportunities come up that you never dreamed about, and things just fall into place. Amazing synchronicities and meaningful encounters unfold and you feel in the flow.

Meditation is an excellent tool to assist you in making wise decisions. You can safely explore the different options and sense what the future may hold. In your meditation you connect to your higher self, which knows all the answers. All you have to do is ask.



Walking the Golden Path – a Guided Meditation:

  1. Bring your awareness to your breathing. Breathe deeply from your abdomen. Inhale and exhale easily.
  2. Let your awareness travel to the happy moments in your life. Think about the moments when you experienced great happiness and joy and had a big smile on your lips.
  3. Now focus on your heart – your center for love, self-love and healing. Bring the smile into your heart. Feel the vibration of happiness and joy right inside your heart.
  4. See yourself in the most beautiful place in nature. There is a Golden Path. You now begin to walk on the Golden Path. You are surrounded by beauty, harmony, balance and peace. There is a wide-open clear blue sky above. Warm sunrays gently touch your skin. You hear birds sing. Butterflies joyfully dance in the air.
  5. As you journey on the Golden Path, your sense of lightness, ease and infinite joy increases.
  6. You reach a junction. You can turn either left or right. Each direction represents a choice you could take in your life. First walk into one direction and be aware of how you feel. Are you able to maintain the sense of lightness and infinite joy as you walk into this direction? Does the sun still shine, or did clouds come up? Is the path smooth and easy to walk on, or are there obstacles? At this point you may get very clear impressions.
  7. Turn around and walk back to the junction. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself. Feel the smile inside your heart. Then you walk the other way, and see what awaits you there.
  8. Return to the junction, center yourself and contemplate which way represents the Golden Path for you. Which direction will bring happiness, joy, fulfillment and ease into your life?

You may want to repeat this meditation several times before you make your final decision. The messages will become clearer and more explicit each time. If you take notes, you are able to monitor your own progress and gain additional insights. This is also a wonderful meditation for teamwork, to help make a business decision or brainstorm different ideas. You will be surprised about the similar messages each participant in the group receives.

Go deeper. Explore who you really are. Join an online meditation class. 

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