Blossom Into Being – The Evolution

Witness the Evolution of the Blossom Into Being Series

For me, as an artist, every new painting feels like making a new friend and learning a new language. I tune into the essence of the painting, long before it comes to life on the canvas.

Please enjoy watching the creative process of the new Blossom Into Being paintings.

New Beginnings

The most exciting moment for the artist is the blank canvas and the new beginning, which contains the joy of possibilities and and immense curiosity of how it will all unfold.

Watch how I start a new series in this video:

First I create the rhythm and emotion with pencil and then I add the first layer of color. Now I have created the foundation which is the basis for everything that follows.

The energy I place in the first layer will be visible as its essence in the final artwork. Next I apply oil and pigment and then follow eight to twelve layers of oil paint to create the nuances of rich abundant color.

For me, the wisdom of being an Artist of Life and The Art of Intentional Living is also reflected in my paintings, of course.

My art influences my life and my life influences my art. Everything is connected holistically.

I love creating a series of oil paintings over the course of a year and fully explore the idea that I picked as the subject for the new series. The inspiration comes to me in my meditations.

New works of art can only be understood in the context of what came before them.

The Blossom Into Being Series evolved out of the Cosmic Resurgence Series, which emerged during the seclusion of the global pandemic, throughout which I took the time to reflect upon my life and meditate several hours per day.

A painting commission from an Israeli art collector initiated a process in which I revisited the artistic language from my early works. The collector envisioned a painting like the blue phase that I created while living in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The commission inspired a series of paintings that brought my past and present together in a new way.

Following the pandemic, as the world gradually began to re-open, I embraced a new life with the rich palette of the Blossom Into Being series birthing fun, joy, ease and new adventures, internally and externally. To me the paintings feel like a celebration of life, filled with movement, rhythm and high energy.

Work in Progress:

Abstract Art Artist
Art studio view, work in progress

Solo Exhibition at Nemacolin Resort:

The completed artworks are presented in my solo exhibition at Nemacolin Resort August and September 2022:

Luxury Interior Design Dorit Brauer Art
Solo Exhibition of the Blossom Into Being Series at the Laurel Lane Gallery at Nemacolin Resort.
Luxury Interior Design Dorit Brauer Art
Solo Exhibition of the Blossom Into Being Series at the Laurel Lane Gallery at Nemacolin Resort.

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