Flight, Soul Journeys & Rising Higher

Please enjoy witnessing the evolution of the paintings Flight, Soul Journeys and Rising Higher from the Cosmic Resurgence Series.

All my paintings start with a first vibrant layer of abundant colors. Later, as I layer the oil paint, the vibrant colors shine through representing the richness beneath the surface.

The spontaneous rhythm of the first layer influences the movement in the next layers. In addition, I also absolutely love paintings outdoors.

The creation of my art spans over many months, so each painting will breathe in sunshine and fresh air, deepening the sacredness of each piece.

Dorit Brauer Art
I love painting outdoors and enjoy bringing the rhythm of nature into my art.
Dorit Brauer Art
Love the playfulness of the first layer, which influences the movement of the following layers.
Dorit Brauer Art
Taking a look from the distance allows me to tune into the essence of the painting. I like spending a lot of time with my art, see how they communicate and then decide what comes in the next layer of color.

The end result: Flight, Soul Journeys & Rising Higher

Artist Art Dorit Brauer
Flight, oil on canvas 30 x 30 inches
Artist Art Dorit Brauer
Soul Journeys, oil on canvas 30 x 30 inches
Artist Art Dorit Brauer
Rising Higher, oil on canvas 30 x 30 inches

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