Labyrinths for Self Discovery, Enhanced Memory and Rehabilitation

What is a labyrinth?

Labyrinths are sacred circles found in every culture around the globe. The 7-circuit labyrinth design dates back thousands of years. Cretan coins show the labyrinth symbol dating as early as 400 BC, into Hellenistic times and continuing into the Roman Empire.

A rich tradition of 7-circuit labyrinths is found in Scandinavia, Britain and Europe.

I am honored that the ‘Labyrinth of Light’ (30 x 30 inches, oil on canvas) is included in ‘The Art of Aging – Celebrating Lifelong Creativity’ Exhibition at Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. The Show is open til May 26. 2023

The labyrinth is not be confused with a maze, where you can take choices and reach dead ends. Mazes became popular during the period of rationalism in the 15th century, emphasizing reasoning and thinking. Labyrinths connect us to the deeply intuitive parts of ourselves and are transformation power tools. The positive benefits of walking a labyrinth include stress reduction, inner peace, clarity, focus, problem solving and peace of mind.

Finger Walking a Labyrinth after Surgery

My friend Barb Zupcic (72) underwent shoulder replacement surgery on January 4th 2023.

Barb lives on a farm; she is a very active master gardener, loves to swim and still rode her motorcycle til last summer. She strategically planned her surgery for the winter months, envisioning full rehabilitation by the summer.

Barb and I are lovers of labyrinths and in 2012 I designed a labyrinth on her property. We enjoy walking her sacred circle together for introspection and meditation.

Labyrinth Rehabilitation
Barb traces the labyrinth’s one-way path as part of her rehabilitation following shoulder replacement surgery.

Pre-surgery, I painted a 7-circuit design on canvas and created prints for Barb, so she would be surrounded by the labyrinth and finger walk the sacred path during her recovery.

Finger walking a labyrinth means to follow a three step inner process.

1. Releasing – Tracing the one-way path to the center with one’s index finger, while focusing on calming thoughts, releasing negative thoughts and clearing the mind of worries, fears and painful past experiences.

2. Receiving – One reaches the center, and now, having released everything that doesn’t serve one’s highest good an inner space is created to receive a new impulse for life. In a way one can see themselves as standing in front of a blank canvas and painting a new life chapter filled with joy, light, love and positive expectation.

I suggested to Barb to specifically focus on happy memories in her past and record the memories in her journal. A life not reflected upon is a life not lived.

As we age, we have a lot to look back upon and recalling happy memories will allow us to bring more happy moments from the past into present day consciousness and thus increase the quality of life.

In addition, I recommended to Barb to also focus on the happy memories she wishes to create in her future. A positive outlook on what is to come is essential at any age.

Artist Dorit Brauer
I am honored that the ‘Labyrinth of Light’ is included in ‘The Art of Aging – Celebrating Lifelong Creativity’ Exhibition at Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. The Show is open til May 26. 2023

The Power of Gratitude

3.) Reflection and Gratitude – The one way path is now retraced from the center of the labyrinth to the origin of the inner journey. The labyrinth explorer is invited to reflect upon their experience and focus on gratitude. Focusing on gratitude increases the level of relaxation and peace of mind.

Barb enjoyed her inner journey with my labyrinth prints and in addition to the mental benefits she also reported that the finger walking practice proved very helpful physically. As part of her rehabilitation she was allowed to make circular movements with her arm in order to strengthen her muscles. She felt the physical movement while finger-walking also helped her shoulder muscles in a good way.

The meditative steps of the inner labyrinth journey helped her to keep her spirit in a positive mindset.

Barb would like to share a few of her happy memories in chronological order:

1 – As a small child, curled up napping on my mothers lap, warm afternoon sunshine streaming through the windows.

2 – In my early twenties, spending the night on the banks of a stream watching the mayflies hatch.  (A few friends, peanut butter jelly sandwiches and a bit of beer may have been in the mix.)

3 – In my forties, hiking the Smoky Mountains with Davey (possibly the best dog ever) a black and white border collie cattle dog cross who always knew just what to do.

4 – Skip to somewhere in my 60’s, Dorit and I rode our motorcycles in May to a beautiful little white church near the Ohio river; the Pleasant Valley Methodist Church, which is in the last chapter of her book Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes. We walked the labyrinth where she placed the memorial stone for your dad.

Barb and I on one of our motorcycle excursions, walking labyrinths, enjoying the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside and the Harmony Inn in Harmony, PA.

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