2022 is coming to conclusion. I am reflecting on the past years and the shifts that happened during the seclusion and introspection of the global pandemic.

I ask myself what it means to me to be an immigrant alone in the US.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that it is easier for me to leave than to stay. My mom calls it “restlessness.” The world is big, there is so much to see, to discover. I can move away and start over elsewhere.

A move happened, January 2022.

Surprisingly my shortest move ever –  2.2 miles from Scott Township to Carnegie, Pennsylvania.

For the first time I did not move across countries and continents.

Only a very short move; yet I covered larger territory within my own self, than any long distance re-location could ever have delivered.

2022 I re-emerged, re-built my business in a new, more expansive way, re-defined how I relate to the world and begin to feel a sense of home.

Please enjoy this poem, a writing assignment about success, which illuminates the essence of my findings:

My Success

a friend – a best friend – all inclusive – all love

loving the world and everyone in it, loving everyone I loved.

Loving the woman, with the life written in her face, who looks back at me out of the mirror.

My success – a stream – like a river

like the River Rhine, next to which I grew up.

The river, which took me out into the world, beyond right and wrong, beyond judgement, open,

beyond the wars fought within and the wars fought outside, and the wars of our ancestors.

I went out into the world, seeking to find the world and I found a place within, at ease,

at peace with me, loving, ever loving and asking for more!

More life, more beauty, more pleasure, more presence, more light, more more more love.

I am. And this time I finally feel that I can stay.

Rhine Germany
The sanctuary of my youth: The River Rhine next to our farm in Germany’s Lower Rhine Valley.

I am deeply grateful for the friends, teachers and companions, all of you who helped me navigate my inner and outer spaces, and most of all I am grateful to my family in Germany and my ancestors!

2022 has been an amazing year, please check out one of the highlights: my Artist Residency at Nemacolin!

I invite you to join the journey, go deeper within yourself and and emerge in a new richer way!

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