The Evolution of Storm Temple

Storm Temple Seeks What Is Hidden Beneath The Surface

Storm Temple is the first painting of the Cosmic Resurgence Series that I began working on in April 2020.

Jolted into the sudden shift and the confusion of the start of the global pandemic I focused in my daily meditations on the spiritual quality of Truth אֶמֶת.

Abstract Art Dorit Brauer
In the beginning: The first layout gives the foundation for what is yet to come. Even so it doesn’t look in any way like the final painting, some key elements will stay visible.
Dorit Brauer abstract Artist
The application of fiber-paste in the second layer allows for a rich texture.
Dorit Brauer Abstract Artist
The second layer is completed. Now the exciting process of layering the oil paint begins. Each new layer will bring new revelations.
Abstract Artist Dorit Brauer
Layer by layer of oil paint, and the artwork evolves into its true self.
Artist Art Dorit Brauer
detail אֶמֶת =Truth

As a student and teacher of Kabbalah I love Hebrew and the fact that the form and shape of the written letters and words, imply its essence and meaning. In Hebrew TRUTH stand on its own, in contrast to the word Sheker, which translates to lie or falsehood. The letters of Truth אמת “Emet” – aleph, mem, tav, which all rest solidly on their foundations – are contrasted with the letters of שקר “Sheker,” falsehood, each of which sways back and forth on a single point.

This emphasizes the eternal truth that truth prevails and falsehood collapses. 

If you understand this concept, you can relax into “truth” and let the world of falsehoods go by. Truth can stand, falsehood cannot stand. Just look at the letters and you will see which word represents truth and which one represents lie, even without knowing Hebrew:

שקר  –  אמת

I personally feel that this is a very important realization for the time we live in now. 

Meditate on the word: Emet. Connect to its light and essence and trust that the truth will unfold in your life.

As a meditator since age 15 my inner world and the insights during meditations clearly influence my art and the creative expression on the canvas. 

Abstract Artist Dorit Brauer
Bringing light into the painting with a rich layer of light blue, which will be followed by the application of pigment.
Abstract Artist Dorit Brauer
Many of these elements are visible in the completed work.
The Truth אֶמֶת is covered, symbolizing my interest in what is hidden beneath the surface and the importance of the things we do not see. They are part of the evolution and essential to the completed work.
Artist Art Dorit Brauer
Pigments are applied outdoors!
Abstract Art by Contemporary Artist Dorit Brauer
Pigment detail. I just love it!
Abstract Art by Contemporary Artist Dorit Brauer
I spend a lot of time with my paintings just looking at them, taking them in and contemplating the next step. I love observing my art in different lights, especially outdoor sunlight, which allows for a different view and reveals new insights.

Storm Temple evolved over the course of seven months til completion. I allowed each layer of oil color to dry for two to three weeks. The final brush strokes brought an astonishing surprise. I thought the painting was completed and sat on the sofa in my studio, enjoying the moment and looking at all the details. I loved this work, and for me, the long patient evolution, my daily meditations during this journey and contemplating the layers underneath, covering and uncovering, each time revealing new truths, filled me with pure joy.

Then, when I thought my work was done I received the urgent impulse to add just a few brushstrokes. I grabbed the paint brush that still contained some blue, dipped it in white, and then quickly added swift determined brush strokes. It all happened so quick, I didn’t even have time to think about it.

The white added the calm in the midst of a storm, brought the whole painting together in a new light and created a focus point. When I sat back to view the result the word Temple emerged.

As I looked closer the face of a young man looked back at me. I was baffled!

The next weeks, as the oil paint dried, the face became very clear. This unexpected phenomena still mystifies me and continues to spark my interest in the seen and the unseen world.  The face of the young man feels like a positive, benevolent force, looking into this world from beyond the veil, creating peace, calmness and positive energy for the viewer.

Abstract Art by Contemporary Artist Dorit Brauer
The completed painting: Storm Temple, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

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