Unleash Your Creative Artist Self!

Every Human Being is an Artist!

My favorite German Artist Joseph Beuys states that every human being is an artist. Beuys and I share the same birthday and grew up in the same region of Germany’s Lower Rhine Valley!

I write about Beuys and my artistic journey in my award-winning autobiography in chapter 20 . Order your copy today on Amazon and join the Creative Adventure. Get inspired and become an artist of life!

Beuys worked with found and collected objects to create art and social sculptures. I enjoyed adapting this practice in my early work and invite you to do the same. It allows you to look at the world in a new and creative way and become a collector of beautiful experiences!

Early Work. 1991!

luxury art

Study of the female body. 1991. 23.5 x 32 inches. Oil on canvas. Sold.

Take a closer look and you will see seashells and beach sand from the Mediterranean, twigs and leaves from a nature walk in Jerusalem glued onto the canvas.

In this phase of my art I loved working with textures. Everywhere I went I collected nature items. Being constantly in search of beauty taught me an amazing way to go through life.

You walk through the world differently when you are always in search of beauty and always focus on how to incorporate what you see in the creative process.

Artist of Life Exercise:

Collect three random or found items today. Assemble them as an art piece. Arrange and rearrange. Notice how it changes you. Go deeper and really begin to see. What does this collection of items mean to you? How does it speak to you? Which memories does it bring to the surface? What does it feel like? Write your notes in a journal. Your intentions have the power to shift your perception and how you see yourself in the world.

Glue the items onto the canvas or paper. Then apply your favorite painting medium. Play around. Consider it a fun game! You may paint your artwork over and over again. My paintings feature many layers and an artwork can evolve over the course of eight to twelve months until it reaches completion. Time, patience, introspection and evolution are always part of my own creative process. 

Please send your findings and insights to dorit@doritbrauer.com 

I would love to open a creativity dialogue with you and brainstorm new ideas inspiring you to also become an artist of life!

Early Work. 1991!

abstract art

Roots. 1991. Triptych, 82.5 x 55 inches. Oil on canvas. Sold.

In the triptych ‘Roots’ you can see beautiful abstractions, incorporating found materials. Peeples, grasses, branches and sand found on my nature walks in Israel. The middle painting features my handcrafted wooden bead bracelet that I wore around my ankle during my life changing back backing trip to Brazil 1987/88. (Read about the adventure in my award-winning autobiography.) Take a closer look, it’s at the first and second chakra line in the forward movement of the female figure (which of course is me!) in the middle painting.

Early Work. 1992!


Lovers. 1992. 39 x 51 inches. Oil on canvas. Sold!

I created Lovers following a trip to the Dead Sea. The landscape of the Judaic Mountains is scorched, dry desert. Sandy ochre and azure blue are the predominant colors. Being a passenger during the drive I entered meditative states of mind and saw figures emerging out of the landscape, which right after the trip I sketched onto the canvas. On top of the sketch I glued nature items collected during the journey, followed by multiple layers of oil paint.

The painting sold as a wedding gift to a young couple.

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