Valentine’s Day Mindful Painting at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art

Mindful Painting

Mindful Painting is a powerful tool to connect to your inner self, to unleash your creativity and to see yourself and the world in a new way.

I had great joy to teach a Valentine’s Day Mindful Painting Class at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

Creating art together with a loved one and someone who is close to your heart allows to build a special bond.


My Mindful Painting classes are designed to connect you to parts of yourself that you are not aware of in your every day life. Many adults haven’t painted or played since their childhood.

We start with a Guided Meditation, accompanied by the soothing sound of quartz crystal singing bowls, to relax, to release stress and then explore in a meditative way the colors of the rainbow and how they relate to one’s positive life experiences.


Following the Guided Meditation, I teach the Metaphysical Color Theory and how it corresponds to our health and well-being, and then students are invited to share their own experiences and visions that they saw during the meditation.

Only then, properly prepared and fully relaxed the creative painting begins. A state of Unity and inner peace is required to create mindful art.

The relaxing sound of quartz crystal singing bowls induces the Alpha wave level activity of the brain, balances the hemispheres of the brain and promotes creativity and healing.

Collaborative Art

The creative painting process involves the exchange of artworks with the loved one, dance to world music, play and movement to loosen everyone up and detach from life’s responsibilities.

To me it is interesting how quickly young children move through their emotions. One moment they are mad or cry and the next moment they smile and laugh. They might fight over a toy with a friend, but shortly after the play together as if nothing had happened.

It’s different for adults, grudges are hold over years and negative emotions build up until they become unbearable and may burst out in form of disease.

In the Mindful Painting Class students are invited to play, have lots of fun and be child-like again.

My desire is to create a safe space that allows for a new door to open in the students’ consciousness, so they may feel enriched, open their hearts and will be happy to play, re-connect to their childlike innocence and continue to paint and have fun also long after this class.

Students and their artworks.
Inspired Art by the participants of the Valentine’s Day Mindful Painting workshop.
With Erica Nuckles, Director of Learning, Engagement and Partnerships at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

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