What’s the Big Deal with Labyrinths?

You are invited to join the journey within!

Labyrinths are sacred circles found in every culture around the globe, dating back thousands of years. The circle has no beginning and no end. It is a doorway to another dimension and it allows us to become whole and experience oneness, fulfilling the deepest yearning of the human soul. The sacred circle represents our origin and final destination, our true essence which exists beyond time and space.

The labyrinth is not to be confused with a maze, where you can take choices and reach dead ends. Mazes became popular during the period of rationalism in the 15th century, emphasizing reasoning and thinking. This was also a time when the holistic understanding of the universe lessened. The body mind connection and the knowledge of how the mind rules matter vanished. It is interesting to notice that now we have come full circle. Since the 1990’s the labyrinth movement in the United States flourishes with dozens of new labyrinths created every month.

Artist Dorit Brauer Art
The 7-circuit Labyrinth at the Krotona Institute in Ojai, California.

The labyrinth presents a one way path that leads to the center and the seeker cannot get lost. The labyrinth is a spiritual transformation power tool that answers our call to wholeness.
It allows you to reach states of clarity, during troubled times and turmoil. Its single winding path invites you to relax, give up control and trust.

The Three Step Labyrinth Journey

As you walk the labyrinth consider the three R’s. Release, Receive and Reflect.

Release: Following the journey into the labyrinth consider to release everything that does not serve your highest good. With every step visualize breathing in bright shining benevolent light. You exhale all concerns, worries, painful memories, aches from your body, as well as beliefs and perceptions that do not resonate with the light. Enjoy this cleansing and purification process.

Artist Dorit Brauer Art
7-circuit Beach Labyrinth created by Dorit in Ventura, California.

Receive: The center of the labyrinth represents your connection to the divine, your higher self and it is a place of unity and oneness. Here you may ask for guidance to the solutions for life’s challenges. Be assured that the answers to your questions will emerge in the days following your labyrinth walk. Be open and listen!

Now as you have exhaled everything that does not serve you any longer you may visualize breathing in the light and breathing it out, the light within you and all around you grows and expands. You become a vessel for the light; let your light shine bright and radiant.

Reflect: Then trace your steps back out of the labyrinth. Count your blessings and all the good you have received throughout your life. Focus on happy memories, moments of joy and love. Every thought that enters your mind creates reality. Reflect and learn to see the meaningful unfolding of your journey through life. Everything is connected. Everything is the best it can possibly be for your soul’s evolution.

Artist Dorit Brauer Art

Always, when walking a labyrinth expect positive surprises to happen. You have planted a seed of light in your consciousness and it will grow and expand and reveal itself in the most blissful way in all aspects of your life. Your positive intention will create a shift in your perception of reality. You are invited to walk the labyrinth again and again, creating a reality of love, light, joy and peace one step at the time.

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Artist Art Dorit Brauer

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