Why More Women are Riding Motorcycles

Freedom, Empowerment and Confidence

Great article: Why More Women are Riding Motorcycles and How That’s Driving Change by my friend, author and motorcycle enthusiast Liz Jansen. I absolutely agree with Liz.

Since the publication of Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth in 2012, seven women contacted me who were so inspired by reading about my solo cross-country adventure, that they got licenses and bought their own motorcycles. Freedom, empowerment and confidence were the keywords mentioned in their messages.

For every woman looking to purchase her first bike, check out What is a Good First Motorcycle for a Woman? by Bree Robertson.

Enjoy this excerpt from Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes, Chapter 1:

Riding a motorcycle is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I love the freedom to be present in the here and now and all alone.

I love the joy of focused attention required to handle the machine or the intimate balance as I shift my weight and lean the bike into a curve. My soul thoroughly anchors in the body for every movement. The right hand turns the throttle. It also operates the front brakes. My right foot handles the rear brake. My left hand pulls the clutch lever and simultaneously the left foot controls the gear shifter. Riding is bliss.

My face in the wind, I ride from sun to shade to sun, and the shifts in temperature tickle my skin. I enjoy my greatest moments of reflection and introspection when I ride on empty country roads. A mesmerizing extension of perception allows me to concentrate on the physical demands of operating this perfect machine, and at the same time, I send my awareness out ahead to scan the road for obstacles.

My highly trained sixth sense often receives the clear message to slow down before coming around a turn. Sometimes a deer crosses or a fallen tree branch blocks the lane. In high traffic, I experience the elevated psychic perception of knowing in advance the sudden move of a driver. It has kept me safe, amazing me anew each time, reconfirming the infinite abilities of the human mind.

Together with my motorcycle riding buddy Allison at one of our favorite destinations: A weekend getaway to Blackwater Falls and the Purple Fiddle in West Virginia.


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