Living Fearlessly

One of the most frequent questions people asked me after my 2006 solo cross country motorcycle adventure is if I wasn’t afraid to travel across the US all by myself.

To be honest with you, fear never crossed my mind, only absolute excitement. I have always felt the urgency to live my life to the fullest, to say “Yes” to all the opportunities presented to me and to always move forward.

If there would be one fear that I could point out, it would be to not have lived my best life, to have stagnated, hesitated and not followed my dreams.

A new year always invites for reflection, introspection and the question: Where do I go from here?

Today, do one thing that expresses your urgency of living, of thriving towards the best you can be, to truly believe in your dreams and then to not stop until you have reached them!!!

What will you do? What does it take? And how does it change you?

Please enjoy this picture from my 2006 solo motorcycle adventure. This special moment on Route 40 in Colorado still inspires me to this day and is described in chapter 16 of ‘Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes.’

Dorit Brauer Road Trip
Solitary Road, US Route 40

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I am an avid meditator since age 15.  A regular meditation practice is the single most powerful tool to overcome fear!!!

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Roadtrip Pictures from the Epic Solo Cross Country Motorcycle Adventure

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