Timelessness in the Labyrinth – Moments of Beauty in Israel

A life not reflected upon is a life not lived.

As I walk labyrinth after labyrinth, I enjoy recalling memories and moments of beauty from my years in Israel.

A labyrinth is a fantastic tool for reflection, introspection and a life-review, allowing you to consciously contemplate the next steps on your journey. In Girls Don’t Ride Motorbikes – A Spiritual Adventure Into Life’s Labyrinth I share my spiritual evolution. The true purpose of the book is that you feel inspired to embark onto your own spiritual adventure.

Living in Tel Aviv from 1989 – 1997 gave me many answers to the deeper questions of life.

I am sure that you sometimes also wonder about the following questions:

Where do I come from?

Where do I go?

Who am I?

What is the purpose of my life?

If we all ask ourselves these questions, then we just might discover that we all come up with the same answer.


Please enjoy the moments of beauty I share in my book as I reflect on riding my motorcycle in Israel.


Book Excerpt Chapter 22:


The Suzuki GSX 400 created countless fond memories: Once, on the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba’Omer, I visited friends in Haifa, the port city in Northern Israel. At nightfall, I returned home taking the coastal highway. A slim moon and a few stars sparkled above. The salty scent of the Mediterranean Sea streamed into my lungs. Prepared for a ride through the dark, I zipped up my leather jacket protecting myself from the cold. With no other traffic around, I enjoyed my solitude. I opened the throttle and the bike leaped forward.


I left Haifa behind quickly, only to be surprised by an unexpected sight of hundreds of bonfires lit along the beach. People were celebrating the Jewish holiday. Glimmering silhouettes of people moved around the flames. I felt a sense of timelessness. The wind blew flaming sparks toward the heavens. My mind had catapulted back in time to an era when fire served as a tool for communication from village to village. Miles later the towering ruins of the crusader castle Atlit were outlined in the distance. Massive tall stonewalls, framed by an indigo sky and a dark sea, stood as a reminder of the crusader’s last stronghold in the Holy Land. A shiver ran up my spine; I felt humbled by the weight of history.


On another night, while returning from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, the highway led through the mountains, and I enjoyed descending the high slopes. A delicious scent of pine trees invigorated me. At maximum speed, my bike rolled easily through smooth and winding curves. The wind whistled a gentle melody inside my helmet. Only six miles out of Jerusalem near the Arab town Abu Gosh, the view opened and the land stretched out like dark silk all the way thirty miles to the coast. The Mediterranean Sea reached to the horizon in the deepest color of cobalt blue. My mind turned still and clear; the sky surrounded me in a luminous, lucid ultramarine, still holding onto the last light of day hours after the sun had set. I grasped a sense of eternal beauty, and even now this memory urges my heart to beat faster.



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