The Key to Successful Living

The Importance of Setting a Positive Intention for the Day!

Create happiness, fulfillment, joy, beauty and abundance with an easy to practice morning routine.

How you start your day is how you live your day!

How you live your day is how you live your life!

You want to start your day with the best possible vibe and then carry this positive vibration of ease and joy throughout your day.

I start every morning while still in bed with an intention, followed by a short meditation and then I focus on breath work to bring my consciousness back into my physical body.

I highly recommend starting every day with the Peaceful Awakening or the Evolving Consciousness Positive Thought Current. It takes only two minutes to set a positive intention and enjoy a good day.

Consistency is the Key!

Cultivate this practice for 30 days in a row and your life will change for the better!

Please remember that it takes the same amount of effort to be either positive or negative. You choose! Every thought that enters your mind creates reality.

I have been practicing a good morning routine for more than 3o years and my Artist of Life lifestyle reflects the success of this purposeful inner work.

Please check out my morning routine during my Artist Residency at Nemacolin Resort:

I am certainly influenced by my mom’s positive and cheerful nature. When my brother and I were little she woke us up every morning by singing a good morning song: “Guten Morgen liebe Sonne, guten Morgen lieber Tag, bring uns Freude wie es Blumen gibt im Feld, guten Morgen lieber Tag. Guten Morgen schöne Welt….”

“Good morning dear sunshine, good morning dear day, bring us joy as much as there are flowers in the field, good morning dear day, good morning beautiful world…” (listen to the full song in German.)

In the evening, prior to bed, I practice a routine to set the intention for sleep programming and dreaming.

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